Dr. Samuel Milton Archer came to California 1868 from Louisville, Kentucky where he had graduated in medicine.

He made a trip to China as a surgeon on a ship, returned to San Francisco and then came in 1869 to Monterey County.

In 1872 he was appointed County physician and took charge of the County Hospital, which buildings he had built and sold to the County.

In the next years he also served a term as coroner and pubic administrator from 1876-78.

He married Luisa Robertson and they had seven daughters.  Their home was in Santa Rita, which is now part of Salinas.

He had his offices in the Scott building over the drug store on the main street of Salinas, and also maintained offices at the County Hospital.

This coupe with two horses and his driver, with Doctor Archer and his black bag on the seat beside him, was a familiar scene on the streets of Salinas in the early days.

Dr. Archer passed away in 1902 and was buried in Salinas with great honors.

Among his living daughters in 1950 were Mrs. Luisa Dahlgren and Mrs. Mary Davis who lived in Carmel Valley; Mrs. Agnes Meline of San Francisco who died in 1967, and Mrs. Sallie Zane, wife of Col. E. L. Zane of Pebble Beach.

From Amelie Elkinton – a history given in January 31, 1980.


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The county hospital located one and one-half miles from Salinas, was built in
1886 at a cost of about $10,000. The land, some sixty-two acres, cost $5,000.
The hospital has accommodations for seventy-five persons. The county physician
is Dr. S. M. Archer who has filled this position some fifteen years.
Monterey County CA Archives History - Books .....Chapter XX The County 1893, Book Title: Memorial And Biographical History Of The Coast Counties Of Central California.